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Add women, change politics

It’s International Women’s Day on Mar. 8, and as we should, we’ve turned it into a weeklong extraganza of women supporting women so that they might recognize their potential and seek whatever future they choose. Celebrating our mothers, wives, girlfriends, our CEOs, our cabinet ministers and our game-changers, International Women’s Day is a day to…

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From the Archives

  Tuesday March 8th is International Women’s Day. While the tumultuous past year has exposed many of the ongoing challenges facing women on campus, would-be optimists might take heart in a campus history that has witnessed the slow but determined march of women’s progress, even in the face of daunting social and structural barriers. Women…

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Not your mother’s feminism

“Women should build each other up instead of putting each other down.” These are the words of Ottawa-area high school teacher, Natalie Simard, when asked what feminism means to her. Natalie replied to the email I sent to a few people whose opinions I wanted on this article. Then I took to the campus to…

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Silly David Gilmour

Apparently, not a week can go by without someone coming clean about their views on women. First it was Saint Mary’s University frosh leaders joking about consent in a group chant. A few days later, their brethren at the University of British Columbia went public on almost exactly the same views. Now, David Gilmour can’t…

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The feminine fist raised

Walking into the Halifax World Trade and Convention Centre on a grey Sunday morning, Marina Young worried the turnout would be low. She was pleasantly surprised, when she arrived early, to see a handful of people already waiting for the Idle No More (INM) conference to begin. When she wasn’t running around greeting newcomers, Young…

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May the feminine force be with us

The fight for gender equality continues. (Photo by levork from Flickr)

Nerd culture has come a long way from its obscure past. It may even be a growing trend, but amidst this trend is an age-old gender conflict that I thought all realms of our society had started to push past. Apparently, I was wrong. The stereotype that geek girls are unattractive virgins is being replaced…

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Take back the night

Signs reading ‘Respect my rights to walk alone’ and ‘no more silence no more violence’ were held in Victoria Park on Sept. 28 for Take Back the Night. The annual march was organized by the Dalhousie Women’s Centre and raises awareness of sexual violence in the community. In 2011 one sexual assault was reported to…

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