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Defining your dreams

By Sabina Wex • January 31, 2014

The ebb and flow of job markets shouldn't dictate what we study-- degrees are worth more than their cash value. (Photo by Jeff Johnstone via Wikipedia)

In September 2015, Ontario’s teacher’s colleges will extend their programs to two years rather than one. The extra year means the colleges must cut …

Living alive

By Josh Fraser • October 10, 2013


Formal private education is a marvel of modern society. The problem arises when we begin to think that the academic angle is the sole …

Nova Scotia election guide

By Kristie Smith • October 4, 2013

Nova Scotia election guide

The Gazette has assembled some of the election promises made by politicians that we believe may be relevant to you. We are a first …

Grad school

By Shelby Rutledge • September 27, 2013

Is grad school the right choice for you? (photo by Bryn Karcha)

As many students know, there’s been a lot of media coverage talking about the uselessness of the arts: an undergrad in English (for example) …

How to choose the right elective

By Graeme Benjamin • September 2, 2013

How to choose the right elective

Quite often you find the terms “first year” and “pre-req” used within the same sentence. When entering a new program, you’re told that it …

Evaluating online

By Janice Allen • February 22, 2013

Campus libraries provide access to class evaluations online. (Juliano Franz photo)

A TA perspective

Merger of two minds?

By Josh Fraser • February 15, 2013

This author thinks any solution that prevents a NSCAD closure is preferable. (Photo supplied)

Synergy possible solution to NSCAD’s financial woes


By Alesia Hebb • February 8, 2013


Post-secondary puts love life on hold

A real page-turner

By Kristie Smith • January 18, 2013

Inter-library loaning is one of many services slashes in public libraries this year. (Bryn Karcha photo)

We’re told our country prizes academics and encourages curiosity, but it sure has a strange way of showing it here in Canada.
The April 2012 …

Education under Fire

By Samantha Alexander • November 9, 2012

What if education was illegal?

With no voiceover narration, Education under Fire allows the Baha’i from Iran to tell stories on their own terms. On Thursday Nov. 1, Amnesty International …