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Election Bio: Jamie Arron

Running for: President

Name: Jamie Arron

Age: 23

Program: Fifth-year international development studies

Hometown: Unionville, ON

Interesting fact: Travelled through Europe, China, and Israel


Jamie Arron believes he has proven that he is qualified for the presidential position through his experience as VP (student life) and the success of the events he has organized.

He also hopes to bring a more hands-on approach to the presidential position.

“It’s easy to get caught up in issues that students don’t really care about,” says Arron. But he hopes to find a balance, and stick to what students feel is most important.

He hopes to change the food services on campus and incorporate better tasting and more local fresh cooking. Arron hopes to integrate more experiential learning opportunities in campus life as well as expand the leadership department.

He says that he would like to bring more events like TEDx and Brains for Change to Dal. Arron wants to get more students involved in these kinds of leadership opportunities by expanding the scope of the already existing events to make sure more students know about them and find them more accessible.

Being elected the presidential role is important to Arron because he has been heavily invested in leadership programs with the DSU for the past two years. During this time he has become very optimistic about the future of the campus. “I believe that Dalhousie has the potential to be a special kind of learning environment and I want to be a part of that,” Arron says

He says that students should vote for him because he is committed to the student body and connected to a diverse array of students that reaches beyond the usual groups that are already involved in the DSU.

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