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Why can’t we do math?

Unless you’re a math or physics major, it’s likely that at some point in your life you’ve said to someone, “I’m not good at math.”  It’s such a common and accepted sentence that no one thinks to question it. Math is one of those subjects that everybody distances themselves from. We tend to think “oh,…

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University professors should be encouraged to be students

When I was in Grade Nine, my teacher let us watch Jurassic Park. It was in protest of parents being upset over the “Theory of Evolution” content that he couldn’t teach. It was cool when I was 13-years old, but looking back I realized he was probably over-worked, had few resources available to him to…

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Listen up, old man

With the recent news of a proposed hike in tuition fees by Dalhousie, it’s more important than ever for students to rally and unify against the rising costs of post-secondary education. Education cannot be considered a commodity; it’s a bloody right. I protested in Quebec back in 2012 when Charest proposed a tuition hike and…

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Defining your dreams

In September 2015, Ontario’s teacher’s colleges will extend their programs to two years rather than one. The extra year means the colleges must cut their enrolments in half, which will decrease the number of graduated teachers from around 9000 to 4500. The Ontario Liberals rationalize that the two years will be more costly and require…

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Living alive

Formal private education is a marvel of modern society. The problem arises when we begin to think that the academic angle is the sole educational aspect of student life. Worse, we tend to think that social learning does not require the same rigorous thought as book-learning. This, to me, is incredibly silly. The more I…

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Nova Scotia election guide

The key political leaders in Nova Scotia (photo by

The Gazette has assembled some of the election promises made by politicians that we believe may be relevant to you. We are a first step and should not be the last. We encourage you to go to the polls on Tuesday, Oct. 8. Education: PC Double number of apprenticeships. Require universities to provide prospective students…

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Grad school

Is grad school the right choice for you? (photo by Bryn Karcha)

As many students know, there’s been a lot of media coverage talking about the uselessness of the arts: an undergrad in English (for example) is a waste of time, and a master’s is just another bad decision. I myself am an arts student at Dalhousie, and I wouldn’t consider anything else.  My major is sociology,…

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How to choose the right elective

Distracting, empowering, engaging, expensive-- in the classroom, technology sets a multitude of tones. (Alice Hebb photo)

Quite often you find the terms “first year” and “pre-req” used within the same sentence. When entering a new program, you’re told that it is mandatory for you to take a select number of required classes. They do, however, give most students a little bit of wiggle room. I’m here to help out with that.…

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