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Being active in student life

O-week leaders get physical. Photo by Paul Balite.
O-week is one thing, but make sure to get involved all year long. (Pau Balite photo)

So you want to get involved on campus? It’s much easier than you think.

Seriously, I’m having a hard time narrowing down all the options available to you.

Whether you’re just starting university or coming back for more, there’s the stigma that being involved on campus is for the popular crowd.

That idea is true only because the sheer breadth of university social life intimidates people.

Don’t let the magnitude of campus life prevent you from getting involved. Student life is welcoming and interconnected. This explains why you have orientation leaders who are involved in the student union, members of student government who contribute opinion pieces to the *Gazette*, writers who compete as Dal Tigers and athletes who run societies across campus.

The truth is you don’t have to be part of a clique to get involved. Find your passion and move towards it. Volunteer, try out for a sport, get on the radio and most importantly, meet new people.

Everyone has an opinion on student life, so don’t be afraid to create your own. Be true to yourself, ask questions, keep an eye on your schedule and make your university life memorable.

I mean, you’re only here for four or five years, right?


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