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Editorial: Today’s Dalhousie student

By Ian Froese, Editor-in-chief emeritus • March 28, 2014

Today's Dalhousie students are speaking out with a resolve unlike we've seen in some time. (Photo by Chris Parent)

Year marked by students standing up for themselves
The question was innocent enough: what was the mood on-campus this fall?
As editor-in-chief of the Dalhousie Gazette, …

Candidate profile: Jacqueline Skiptunis

By Nikki Jamieson, News Contributor • March 8, 2014

VP academic and external candidate Jacqueline Skiptunis. (Photo by Chris Parent)

VP academic and external
Name: Jacqueline Joan Skiptunis
Age: 24
Hometown: New York, NY
Program: Russian studies, 3rd year
Position: VP academic and external
Relevant Political Experience: VP Academic for …

StudentsNS report wants better student housing standards

By Nikki Jamieson, News Contributor • January 30, 2014

StudentsNS housing report calls for change. (Photo by Adele van Wyk)

DSU abstains from voting
Rent is one of the highest costs of attending school—perhaps second only to tuition. Unfortunately, that high cost often comes with …

Josh Gummett loses DSU elections appeal

By Calum Agnew, News Editor • June 8, 2013

Josh Gummett

Judicial Board clears elections committee of bias, does not impose new fines on Aziz
Josh Gummett’s appeal against the Dalhousie Student Elections Committee has been …

Candidate profile: JD Hutton

By Katrina Pyne, Editor-in-Chief • March 20, 2013

JD Hutton.

Board of Governors

Referendums 2013

By Torey Ellis, Copy Editor • March 17, 2013

Referendums 2013

This election season, a whopping six societies—including the student union itself—are
putting forth referenda to try to raise the amount of money they get from …

Candidate profile: Ryan Hartigan

By Katrina Pyne, Editor-in-Chief • March 15, 2013

Ryan Hartigan.


Candidate profile: Rebecca Eldridge

By Katrina Pyne, Editor-in-Chief • March 15, 2013

Rebecca Eldridge.


Candidate profile: Jay Fradette

By Katrina Pyne, Editor-in-Chief • March 15, 2013

Jay Fradette.


Candidate profile: Alexandra Killham

By Katrina Pyne, Editor-in-Chief • March 15, 2013

Alexandra Killham.