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Insights into a Frosh

Photo by Pau Balite

The Dalhousie Gazette set up a booth at the field party in the Studley quad Sunday afternoon to kickoff Orientation Week for incoming Dal frosh. We tasked  frosh students who came by our booth with writing mini-articles about whatever crossed their mind as they embark on a new stage of their life. This is some of…

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Memoirs of a frosh

memoirs of frosh

How to survive the week-long party     After moving in your stuff and saying goodbye to your parents, it’s time to get down to the real reason you’ve come to university: to meet people and party like it’s 1999! But university is completely different from any experience that you’ve had before. Your mum and…

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By Rachel Sunter, Health Columnist Recently a number of friends have recently come to me in various states of unhappiness. Some of them are in relationships, some are single. A thick common thread I’ve found between them, however, is their lack of quality time spent with friends. After moving out and dunking our heads in the…

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