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Meet Peter MacKinnon

Meet Peter MacKinnon

At the Board of Governors meeting on Nov. 27, outgoing Dalhousie University President Richard Florizone described Peter MacKinnon as “an older and wiser” version of himself.   MacKinnon is slated to serve as Dal’s interim president from Jan. 15 until June 30. He was unable to accommodate an interview with the Dalhousie Gazette before publication, but we wanted to give… Read more »

The Emera Oval opened for public ice-skating on Dec. 15, 2018 on the Halifax Commons. It's scheduled to be open for ice-skating until March 17, 2019.

December debrief

Lord Dalhousie panel holds public discussion  The Scholarly Panel to Examine Lord Dalhousie’s History on Slavery and Race has publicly shared its findings for the first time. On Dec. 10, the panel hosted a public engagement session to discuss its initial findings.   The Lord Dalhousie panel was commissioned by Dalhousie University President Richard Florizone and Senate Chair Kevin Hewitt back in 2016; since forming, Dal’s own Dr. Afua Cooper has been… Read more »

Happening Now

happening now

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REEFER (legislation) MADNESS!

Last fall 4.6 million Canadians celebrated in a blaze of glory as pot became legal. According to Statistics Canada’s 2018 National Cannabis Survey, that’s how many Canadians use cannabis.   In a very Canadian non-scandal, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau – then just Member of Parliament Justin Trudeau – admitted to puff-puff-passing in 2010. At the time… Read more »


Are eSports really sports?

eSports generated 655 million globally in 2017. By 2020, eSports are expected to generate almost 1.5 billion, quadrupling its present value.   Surging interest has led to sponsored tournaments, arenas and opportunities to compete on a grand stage.   Some universities across the United States are trying out giving eSports scholarships, amounting to $9 million. A few Canadian institutions have followed in suit.  Emerging leagues, competitions and awards encourage video games in the… Read more »

cannabis hipocrisy_Chris Stoodley

Cannabis ad standards are hypocritical

Legalization is finally a reality. Despite this, it’s become apparent that alcohol is the golden child in the government’s eyes.   Ads portraying the glamour of liquor are plastered all over the city, flaunting the freedom of alcohol advertising with every glistening bottle of booze. The promise of a good time is insinuated in every ad,… Read more »



Continuing the family legacy

Mike Shoveller finally got an opportunity to play in the annual Rod and Joan Shoveller Memorial Tournament. The one named after his grandparents.   The tournament is a men’s university basketball tournament, hosted during the winter break by Dalhousie University.  Shoveller transferred to Dal last fall for his final year of university basketball; he played in… Read more »

Sascha Kappos plays forward on the men's basketball team.

2019 Dal athletics winter break analysis

At the end of the fall semester, the basketball, hockey, swimming and volleyball teams get a break, but they’re also gearing up for the second half of their seasons.   Here’s an overview of how they’re doing so far.   Dal men’s basketball   After two years of dominating the regular season, the first month of the men’s… Read more »

Sophie Gaube.

Shooting to be a complete player

In the Dalhousie Tigers women’s basketball’s final game of the fall semester, Sophie Gaube hit six three-point shots to propel the Tigers to a huge 78-58 win over the Saint Mary’s Huskies at the Scotiabank Centre.  Gaube is one of the best shooters in the AUS. At the December break, she leads the league hitting… Read more »


We are so fun to work with!!

We’re searching for an assistant editor

Assistant Arts & Lifestyle Editor The Dalhousie Gazette Publishing Society is looking to hire an Assistant Arts & Lifestyle Editor for the Winter term (starting immediately to April 30, 2019). The Assistant Arts & Lifestyle Editor is responsible for assisting the Arts & Lifestyle Editor create and edit online and print content in the Arts &… Read more »

A piece of art created by Eric Diolola from Wonder'neath Art Society studio.

Communal art spaces “save people”

Whether it’s painting, writing music, or – if money’s tight – visual art with rice and soy sauce, Eric Diolola always meets his creative drive with creative action. He needs to.   “I grew up in a third world country, in the Philippines, so [art] is my passion because I can’t afford anything, to be honest,”… Read more »

Dalhousie DJ_Karla Renic

Dalhousie student goes from opera singer to DJ

Dalhousie University student, Patrick McIntosh can be seen or heard DJing at a variety of events both on and off campus. If you haven’t had the chance to see him at his soundboard, you’re missing out.  Originally from Corner Brook, Newfoundland, he and his family first moved to Nova Scotia thirteen years ago. McIntosh played… Read more »