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Halloween? More like Halloweird

  Holidays are weird. Seriously. Think about it. At Christmas, a large jolly man in a red suit flies through the sky and delivers presents into our homes via a chimney. At Easter, a big fluffy bunny leaves plastic eggs full of chocolate.   Then there’s Halloween: no strange creature or person enters our home, instead we knock…

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Art Talk: Reality show draws in Artists with unique canvas’

Painting a naked body; sounds ludicrous, right? Wrong. It’s actually a beautiful and challenging artform. The Game Show Network has a television series called Skin Wars that’s now available on Netflix. It’s like a typical competition reality show, but instead of singing or dancing, contestants paint a naked model. Each episode contains two challenges: the…

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Moving from residence to your own pad

Living off campus is a culture shock compared to living in residence, but vital to becoming a fully functional adult.   Making friends is hard, it’s even harder when everyone is new. First-year students are all trying to find where they fit in, and when people live off-campus for first year, it can be more difficult to seek out their place…

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Black Lives Matter panel debates movement’s role in Canada

The struggles of minorities within a minority were a common theme among speakers during the Black Lives Matter panel Monday night at Dalhousie. “How can we strengthen the movement by being more inclusive?” asked Amina Abawajy, Dalhousie Student Union Vice President, Academic and External. “As a black Muslim I have experienced anti-blackness in the Muslim communities…

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