The show must go on

Virtual Reality

The COVID-19 pandemic has halted in-person plays nationwide since last spring, but a local performance company called Heist recently collaborated with other Canadian theatre companies to showcase Frequencies: a play presented entirely in virtual reality.  “There is no footprint and the possibilities are endless,” says…

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Don’t cancel your 2021 new year’s resolutions

Despite countless opinion pieces written about the difference between vulnerability and weakness, our society continues to link the two ideas together. Humans fear others will take advantage of our fragility or point ridicule at us. We take countless measures to hide embarrassing moments, childish hopes, nightmares and extravagant fantasies from even our closest friends. This is why new year’s resolutions become less and less popular as years go by.

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Internalized Capitalism


Internalized capitalism suggests individuals grow to equate their productivity with their self-worth. This can lead to harmful ideas about how to be successful: late-night study sessions, self-imposed stress, sacrificing healthy eating, neglecting sleep, daily unachievable work goals and more.

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