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AUS men’s basketball season preview

By Justin Hartling • November 15, 2013

mens basketball

It seems every year that Atlantic University Sport (AUS) basketball quickly turns into a runaway for a couple of teams and by January, most …

From the broadcast booth: Dal football falters

By Justin Hartling • November 1, 2013


It took less than 15 seconds for the Dal Tigers football club to look like it was not going to be their night. The …

King’s professor dives into the Cuban Five in new book

By Justin Hartling • October 4, 2013

Stephen Kimber at his novel release event (photo by Amin Helal)

“What is love?” That was the question Stephen Kimber, interim director of the School of Journalism at the University of King’s College, was seeking …

One tweet too many

By Justin Hartling • February 26, 2013

Negative comments are keeping Rebecca Marino from competing. (Photo supplied)

Athletes aren’t the only people who say stupid stuff on Twitter

What does the NHL owe the fans?

By Justin Hartling • January 18, 2013

Does the NHL owe their fans for hockey lost? (Photo supplied)

Where were you when you heard the news?
I had just rolled over in bed to check the time on my phone. Then I saw …

The scariest sham of the year

By Justin Hartling • October 26, 2012

No amount of candy or costumes can convince this author to like Halloween. (Adele van Wyk photo)

Halloween is an abomination of a holiday, if you even want to label it as that. The section of society that can really enjoy …

Avada kedavra

By Justin Hartling • October 19, 2012

JK Rowling’s career should have been dead long before the publication of her new novel. (Alice Hebb photo)

I have always hated the Harry Potter series.
I could not get through any of the books. My girlfriend basically strapped me into a chair and …

Braun over brain

By Justin Hartling • March 23, 2012

Braun over brain

Do you remember the times when, if someone was proven innocent in court, they didn’t have to deal with constant accusations and people doubting …

Are we Rushing to an Apocalypse?

By Justin Hartling • January 13, 2012

Rush 2112

 “And the meek shall inherit the earth,” say the immortal words of the true apocalyptic scripture, a scripture that predicts unending war until the year …

Have our ships come in?

By Justin Hartling • November 18, 2011

Halifax ship yard by Rob Grandy

Lack of results thus far from shipbuilding contract
The Halifax Shipyard is going to make billions of dollars with their new contract, plain and simple. …