What are you going to be this year?

Don't end up like this. Photo by Mindhive

Fashion columnist Rose Behar is here to help you find that perfect costume you’ve been searching for. It’s a new dilemma every time October rolls around. What am I going to be for Halloween? I’ve heard the conversations swirling already. “I really want to be a human-version of a Dr. Who TARDIS, but it would…

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Would you like a trench to go with that weather?

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Thankfully for us Haligonians, trenches are more in style than ever before. The trench coat has long been one of the sexiest items of outerwear in existence. From Audrey Hepburn to Emma Watson, it bestows a classy glamour upon the wearer, making a depressing rainy evening in to an opportunity to sing in the rain.…

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Fashion vs. Food: Are we building a better body image?

Body Image. Photo by Petr Kratochvil via publicdomainpictures.net

The fashion world can be an unfriendly place sometimes, especially towards healthy food consumption. But are things finally starting to change? It peaked between 2006 and 2009. Anorexia and bulimia awareness, that is. Every issue of Teen Vogue and Seventeen had an article touting a “real-life story.” The No Anorexia Nolita campaign ran in 2007, with its…

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Want to meet the best student costumers in North America? They’re here at Dal

Ready, set, sew. Photo by Rose Behar.

Dalhousie’s four-year honours degree program unique to the continent   Anneke Henderson doubts that many people know just how unique Dalhousie’s costume studies program is. “The enriched, wide variety of study, and the skills these students gain by the time they’re done is fantastic,” enthuses the costume studies instructor in a spare moment between advising…

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In Halifax, green is the new black

Gia Greer on market day. Photo by XXXXX.

Eco-friendly fashion alternatives in the port city   Eco-fashion designer Gia Greer has seen the effects of climate change first-hand. “I worked up north for a couple of years as a junior high school teacher and up there it’s really easy to see the signs of global warming,” says Greer. This, along with the fact…

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Top fall trends on a budget

Vintage polka-dot blouse provided by rose, found at swingfashionista.com

The Gazette takes on every fashion-forward student’s yearly challenge—how to look stylish while strapped for cash.   This season’s designer looks usher in an urban adult look, replete with a subdued colour palette and clean silhouettes. But if that sounds a little stuffy and expensive to you, don’t worry. There’ll still be plenty of room…

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The fashion-lover’s guide to the city

When it comes to clothing, Halifax is small but mighty.     With the prestigious NSCAD design program, a thriving independent boutique scene, and several home-grown designers conquering the fashion world both nationally and internationally, it’s safe to say that Halifax is the east coast fashion capital of Canada. To kick off the school season,…

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